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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Law

We have focused our work on clients from the pharmaceutical and
medical device sectors since 2001. This extensive experience has enabled
us to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the legislation and industry
practice which has undergone significant change in the past decade.
We continually advise clients on various aspects of pharmaceutical and
healthcare law including the pharmaceutical legislation, patient rights,
privacy, pharmaceutical research and development, clinical trials,
promotion and distribution of pharmaceuticals, out-licensing, pricing and
data protection in Turkey.
We currently represent several members of the Research Based
Pharmaceutical Companies Association, as well as international and local
generic pharmaceutical companies. Our ability to serve our clients from
the pharmaceutical industry is also supported by our Ministry of Health
related experience.
Recent experiences in this practice area include advising clients in
transfer of product licenses, termination negotiation of distribution
agreements, setting up and negotiating clinical trial agreements, the
marketing, promotion, supply and sale of pharmaceutical products and
conducting compliance reviews and trainings.
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